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General terms
1. Webshop available at is run by:
• ul. Ananasowa 9
• 95-070 Rabien
• VAT EU: PL7322173402
2. Regulations define the rules for the ordering and sale of goods through the webshop
3. Making an order equals acceptance of Regulations provisions.
4. In accordance with applicable laws sale of pyrotechnic materials is permitted only to adults.
In the absence of customer age verification possibilities when shopping online Customer agrees to check it during the delivery of the goods by delivering.
5. The contract of sale of goods is concluded in accordance with Polish law and the Polish language.
Ordering and order processing
1. Registration is not required for making an order. Orders are being accepted by filling in and confirming order form that is located in order basket.
2. Full and correct personal details are required to proces an order, especially:

• full and correct delivery address
• correct contact number,
• correct and valid email address.

We do not take responsibility for incorrect delivery information and all problems that may occur because of mistakes in Customers data. Our commitment for package ends when we give package to courier company.

3. We reserve the right to verify the order and cancel it in cases of doubt as to its accuracy.
4. O złozeniu zamówienia poprzez sklep internetowy klient zostaje poinformowany drogą mailowa. Wszystkie informacje dotyczące statusu zamówienia jego czasu realizacji oraz numeru przesyłki i kontaktu do firmy kurierskiej zostają wysłane na mail zamawiającego.
5. Orders can be made on our website 24/7 during the whole year. Orders created after 6 p.m, on Saturday, Sunday and Holidays will be will be examined next working da
6. Production time is counted from the date of receipt of payment and are dependent on the selected items. Shipping time is not included. Production time:
• pyrotechnics - 3 working days,
• printed scarves - 14 working days,
• printed flags - 14 working days,
• fence flags - 14 working days,
• sector flags - 14 working days,
• stickers - 14 working days,
• sewn flags - 14 working days,
• T-shirts, sweatshirts with your design – 14 working days,
• knitted scarves - 21 working days,
• knitted scarves with embroidery - 21 working days,
• bandanas, balaclavas – 7 working days,
• products from “Detailed” section - 3 working days.

In November, December and early January production time might be up to 10 days longer
1. Making order on our website indicates agreement to accept sale document without a sign.
2. Our primary sale document is receipt, which is a proof of transaction. On Customers request we can also add VAT invoice to package with order. To receive invoice please inform us about it by making appropriate note in additional information of order.
3. Client can choose one of following payment options:

• debit card – payment processed throught DotPay,
• quick bank transfer - payment processed throught DotPay,
• direct bank transfer on account shown in Webshop,
• Skrill payment method - for more details please send message to: [email protected],
• Western Union - Customer must send us: senders name and surname, MTCN code, precise value of transfer and sender country. These information should be sent to [email protected]
Complaints and returns
1. 1. Return of goods. In accordance with the Law of 2 march 2000 about protection of consumers law and responsibility for damage caused by dangerous product Customers have a law to resign from order and return received goods without giving a reason in 14 days from receiving a package provided that goods are not used or damaged. Returned products should be sent to address below:

• ul. Ananasowa 9
• 95-070 Rabien/Poland

2. Customer shall reimburse the cost. Store returns only the product price and shipping costs to the customer. The store does not accept any packages returned COD (Cash on delivery).
3. Complaints. If the delivered goods have manufacturing defects, the Customer shall have the right to receive this product with the defect removed or replaced with a new copy free of defects. In this case, please contact us by email.
4. A complaint is considered by the shop no later than within 14 days from the date of filing the complaint. The outcome of the complaint Store inform the Customer via e-mail to the e-mail address provided by the Customer in the Order Form.
Privacy Policy
1. The personal data of our customers is collected exclusively for the store and processed to meet the company business office, conducting promotional campaigns and advertising with the requirements of data protection in accordance with the Law of 29 august 1997 (Dz. U 1997 nr 133 po. 833) about protection of personal data.
Products legality
1. All our pyrotechnic products has 1.4G explosive class (no need to have permission). Trade of these products is allowed on all European Union territory and in all other countries that accept European Union requirements. To each order we give receipt or VAT invoice on request. All prices include VAT tax.
Final terms
1. Placing an order constitutes acceptance of these Regulations.
2. In cases not covered by the above rules, the relevant provisions of the Civil Law.
3. We do not sell at the address where the company is registered.
Ananasowa 9
95-070 Rabien / Poland
VAT EU :PL7322173402